The Antlers Inn will be releasing rooms on November 1, 2023 at 9 am. We will release more details on how we are accepting reservations closer to this time. 

Our rates - all rooms will be $800 with the exception of Sunrise/Sunset (2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms) will be $1000 and Train Depot (Sleeps 8) will be $1500. This does not include taxes or extras.  There is a 4 night minimum for these dates. 

We will release 4 rooms at a time at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, and 12 pm.

9 am release

-       Online - BOOKED -  Suite 1 (2 adults), BOOKED - Red Caboose (2 adults/2 kids), Sunrise (4 adults)

-       Phone – Suite 3 (4 adults)

10 am

-       Online - Suite 2 (2 adults), Yellow Caboose (2 adults/2 kids), McKinley Coach (4 adults)

-       Phone – Suite 4 (4 adults)

11 am

-       Online - Suite 5 (2 adults), Suite 6 (2 adults), Green Caboose (2 adults/2 kids)

-       Phone – Sunset (4 adults)

12 pm

-       Online – Casita (2 adults), River Trail (2 adults), Train Depot (6 adults)

-       Phone – Hidden Cove (4 adults)

*Phone booking – we will answer the first call directly after opening block starts. If the phone is ringing prior to the opening, we will not pick up this call.  If the first person books, we will not take another call until the next opening block. If the phone accommodation has not been booked, we will add it to the next opening block online. We will be available to regular calls after the last block is booked or placed online at 1pm.

All rooms require a 4 night minimum. There will be events on the lawn Saturday and Sunday, with live music on April 8th on the lawn for an all day event. Your stay includes access to all events at no additional fee, viewing glasses, a reservation to both Hooper’s and Junction Prime based on the number of individuals staying at the Antlers Inn. 

The coffee shop and Hooper’s will be open as usual for the event with the exception of Hooper’s opening early on Monday for the eclipse. Junction Prime will be available for dinner Friday – Monday night. We will need to know reservation requests by December 31st.