Proprietors: Drew and Rick

As the owners of Kingsland Coffee and Grand Central Café in Kingsland, Rick and Drew bring their extensive customer service backgrounds to The Antlers Inn. The history and preservation of the hotel are a priority to Rick and Drew as they give The Antlers Inn a new life. They've made Kingsland their home, and they want The Antlers Inn to be the destination hotel people come from all over the world to experience.

Innkeeper: Susan

Another smiling face you will see on the property is Susan Sturgis. Susan upholds Rick and Drew's vision and motto for the hotel and hotel grounds. She provides guests with everything they could need for the most enjoyable stay possible.

Front Desk Clerk: Keri Lipsey 

Head Housekeeper: Susan Van Horn 

Coffee Shop Manager/Barista: Jordan Shrubar



1001 King Court

Kingsland, Texas 78639

toll: 800.383.0007

ph: 325.388.4411

fax: 325.388.6488


Grand Central Cafe