How It All Started

Many years ago, Drew Gerencer fell in love with his local coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan while attending university.  It was at that time that he had decided that he wanted to own and operate his own coffee shop one day in the future.

Fast forward about 15 years when Rick Gregory and Drew decided to open Kingsland Coffee in Kingsland, Texas.  They grew their business for several years and became a staple of the community.  While running their business, they met several other business owners in the area and became good friends with the owners of The Antlers Inn.

Fast forward to 2012, the owners of the Antlers of whom also owned the restaurant on the hotel property approached Rick and Drew about opening a café in their restaurant building.  After about a week of thinking it over, they decided to take a leap of faith and opened Grand Central Café.  The business was an immediate success.  Drew was running the operations of the coffee shop and the restaurant while Rick was still working in his career as a hairdresser.    

In 2015, the previous owners of the Antlers Inn approached Rick and Drew about taking over the operations of the hotel and all of its cabins, cabooses, train cars, and houses.  They both agreed to try running the whole operation for a year to see what they could do to improve sales and visibility of the hotel and its surrounding accommodations and to just give it a try before they decided to buy it. Soon after taking over, Rick retired from his hairdressing career to be more involved in the operations of all three businesses. At this time, they decided to move the coffee shop business into the formal dining room of the main hotel, and as well, decided to move onto the property to be closer to all their responsibilities.   

The trial period ran a little longer than expected, and finally in 2017, after pouring their hearts and souls into all their businesses, they made the purchase of The Antlers Inn. 

They welcome you all with open arms and hope to provide excellent service and accommodations!  Please enjoy.



1001 King Court

Kingsland, Texas 78639

toll: 800.383.0007

ph: 325.388.4411

fax: 325.388.6488


Grand Central Cafe